We’ve each built successful careers in the marketing field, and we consider ourselves pretty creative thinkers. Let's brainstorm together about how we can put our skills to work for you.

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Joanne Smith


I bring 30 years of writing, editing, design and public relations experience to this business. I have a particular passion for understanding each client's individual needs, concept and "voice" and conveying those through words, images, products or other forms of presentation.

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Abby Emert

Creative Team Member

I contribute a diverse background to this team that includes design, social media management, public relations and customer service. I believe it's all about the details, which helps me to create individualized designs especially tailored to your needs.

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Miranda Eastwood

Creative Team Member

I add a variety of backgrounds to this team including design, event planning, public relations, and customer service experience. This combination helps me to see every side of your idea and bring it to life.


Whitney Powell

Creative Team Member

I have years of experience in graphic design, layout and editorial writing in the print media world. I also have a passion for hyper-realism pencil drawing. I'm obsessed with learning about new techniques, ideas, innovations and people.


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